Monday, September 9, 2013


Oh guys, I have so much to tell you, if only I had the time.  Changes are happening.  To me.  I don't why.  Perhaps it's time that's changing me, but I can't explain it because I can't trace time. (Show of hands...who loves David Bowie?  This chick!)

I turned 34. Thirty-four!!!  When Mason was small, I made a commitment to be thin by 30.  It never happened.  I was on a good roll.  I joined Curves and made better food choices.  I started to really like the way I look.  I even managed to get out of the big girl sizes.  Then I got pregnant again. With twins.  After nearly 16 weeks of bedrest, I was a big-ol'-round-ball of flubber.

The boys were born and my body was the least of my worries.  I gained more weight while breast feeding, because that's my luck, and even more after I stopped.  I didn't care.  For 3 years, I gained and gained and gained to the largest non-pregnant weight I've ever been.  I'd look in the mirror and hate the reflection. Who was this wide-faced, dark haired, sad person looking back at me? I drowned my sorrows in Little Debbies and soda. AND then I'd feel guilty and eat more.

But, recently, I'm changing.  Can it be that I'm finally returning to the person I used to be?  I stopped eating meat.  Ya'll, I really think this is the best decision I've ever made.  Within one week, my knees stopped hurting. I gained a little more energy and I lost a little weight without even trying.  The best part is, I don't feel guilty if I have a handful of chips or a small dessert every now and then.  I need to find time to exercise...but I'm still so tired every day.  If I could just find a way to get 8 hours of sleep every night, or even a few nights a week, I think it would dramatically change the things I'm capable of doing.

I know everyone has a busy schedule, but I've got to share mine with you.

Sunday: Church in the AM. We sing in the choir; Community Choir practice in the PM

Monday:  Take Mason to school. Return home to feed the boys, play with them a little and get them ready for preschool.  Pick Mason up in the afternoon.  Practice piano at home with Mason, drop the boys off at a sitter, then drive to her lesson with Mr. Palmer in the evening.  When we get home, it's time for snacks, baths and bed.

Tuesday: Repeat the morning and afternoon, but add tumbling for the boys at the YMCA.  Then, get them to preschool and pick Mason up from school.  The boys go to the sitter after preschool while I take Mason to gymnastics and swimming lessons at the YMCA.  When we finally get home, it's time for snacks, baths and bed.

Wednesday:  Just like Monday, except, in the evening, I have chapel choir practice.  The kids go to my mom's while I'm there.  If I'm lucky (and I hope I am) my mom will bathe them.  Then we go home and there is just enough time for snacks and it's bedtime.

Thursday:  All the same morning/afternoon school and preschool routines.  In October, I begin teaching Kindermusik in the evening! I'm super excited about this.  My kids will come too during the weeks that John is able to help me.  Let me tell you how much I love Kindermusik. Soooooo much!!!   (Also, the second Thursday of every month is the Tuscarawas County Mothers of Multiples meeting.  I'm the new president. Find us on Facebook!) And when I get home, well you know..snack, baths, bed.

Friday:  I only have to take Mason to/from school.  The boys do not have preschool.  We have no plans for Fridays.  I think we will stay home, play, and have "pizza/movie night."

Saturday:  Sleep in? Oh I hope so!

See...busy! It makes time fly, but we enjoy all these things that keep us on the go.

Oh and I've been dying to tell you, over the weekend, I got a new hairdo.  And my eyebrows waxed.  What is it about a waxing that makes a girl feel so pretty? When I find the time to fix my hair, and maybe swipe on some mascara, I'll take a pic.  Oh, and I got my nose pierced.  Ch-ch-changes.

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