Monday, June 16, 2014

Oh, Pool of Blue Sky

I've known Nurse Gina my entire life.  Ok, so maybe I didn't actually meet her at birth, but our parents were friends so I have very early memories of her.  She was always cool to me.  When I was in elementary school, she was in high school and in the marching band.  The marching band came to our school to perform and I was so envious.  It looked like so much fun.

Gina graduated and moved on.  I heard she became a nurse.  I don't think I saw her for 20 years.  I ran into her once at a football game.  Then, Facebook reconnected us. I learned that she is a nurse AND she works for Medflight.  As luck would have it, she's sometimes stationed at the airport closest to my home.

She invited us to visit the airport to check out the Medflight helicopter. We tried last summer, but there was an emergency and the unit was called away.  We arrived at the airport in time to watch the helicopter take flight.  Just that experience was pretty cool.

Today, we actually got to see the helicopter.  Gina was awesome.  She took time to show things to the children and explained how equipment works.  She described her flight suit and explained how it protects the staff from fires.  She even invited the children to sit in the helicopter!

It was awesome!  Here are some pics.

Showing us how the gurney pulls out. 

Nurse Gina is pretty awesome. 

Jonah didn't want to go and didn't want to leave. 

Mason looks grumpy in this pic, but she wasn't.  She really wanted to sit inside the helicopter. 

The pilot's seat (or as my kids say, "The driver's chair.)

Mason is into posing for pics these days.

Family pic.

More posing. 

The airport staircase was a big hit. It's not every day you see a staircase that goes no where. 

While we were checking out the helicopter, this plane landed.  Bonus!  I'd like to learn to fly.

Thank you, Gina Peterson.  We very much enjoyed our tour today.

***Title song:  Unthought Known-Pearl Jam

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cause Yeah, We're Over

Dear American Whiners,

When did you become so sensitive?  The worst thing anyone in our country can do is offend another person.  Seriously, where have you put your big girl pants?  And why do you make it so easy for me to offend you?

I struggle with understanding this, American Whiners.  I am not easily offended by the general public.  I'm fairly liberal.  You know, the live and let live bullshit. It takes a lot for me to hold onto anger...and usually that is only in regard to my screwed up family.  But you, American Whiners, you're quick to react.  You drama EVERYTHING.  You stand up on your soapboxes and lecture the rest of us over the most mundane of things, finding injustice where none exists.

Why?  What have you accomplished?  Some weaker minded people will be shamed into agreeing with you, but not me.  I will be sitting at home, busy with my loved ones, not giving one minute of thought to you and your latest cause.  How does it feel to wave a flag only you can see?  Not very effective, is it?

So, American Whiners, I dump you.  Piss off.  Hit the road.  Kick rocks.  Delete yourselves from my Facebook and my life (most of you already have...because I'm damn good at being offensive.)

We're through.  It's the getting over it part .  Also, this:

A meme adds class to my post, right? Right???