Friday, May 9, 2014

A Light that Shines on You will Shine on You Forever

My baby is growing up.  My girl.  My light.  Tonight, I dressed her and sent her on her first date....with her daddy.  It's Father-Daughter Dance night.  Mason has been talking about it since the flyer came home from school.

For awhile, we were unsure whether John could go.  We don't have other male role models in her life, so I would have taken her...the consolation prize for having a Daddy with a lousy work schedule.  BUT, the moon, stars and planets all aligned, God sent us some grace, and Father And Daughter went to the dance.

I've never seen our daughter so excited.  At dinner, she told John, "You'll get to meet some of my friends, Daddy!"  and "Oh, we're going to have so much fun."  She told her brothers, "I have a special date with Daddy, boys!" She told me, "Daddy is a prince and I am a princess."  For a moment, I was jealous.  Tonight, he gets to be a part of her inner circle.

I took a few pictures.  I tear up when I look at them.  All too soon, someone else will be taking her to dances. I hope that poor kid is prepared.  She's one tough cookie.  For now, it's Mason and Daddy.  Half my world. Don't they look great?!!