Friday, July 31, 2015

I've Never Been Defeated and I Won't Stop Now

Ugh!  I haven't written a blog post since May 14th!  How does that happen?  Life, that's how.

Been busy.  In a moment of insanity, I enrolled in an 8-week program to pick up a second educator license.  It was intense.  In 8 weeks, I completed 22 credit hours.  In grad school, that equals about 2.5 full time semesters.  Yep, over a year's worth of work in 8 short weeks.

My fellow educators.  If you haven't seen me in awhile, I'm seated in the second row...super blonde hair. 

I entered the program so excited to do it.   Opportunity to work with students of a variety of ages?  Sign me up!  Meet cool people and build my portfolio?  Yes, please!  Student teach in only 8 days?  Halle-friggin-lujah! Could it get more perfect?

But it was not perfection.  I'm not leaving the program as optimistic as I entered it.  But that is something for another post, after I'm licensed. For now, let me tell you that I met 24 really awesome current and future educators.  I will treasure my time with them.  And I will post a more comprehensive blog when I've had the time to process it.  Stay tuned!

Other awesome things have happened this summer.  The twins played t-ball and their dad, John, helped coach the team.  The boys were difficult and it's tough coaching you're own children.  (Hello, that's why I don't do it!)  However, I think John really enjoyed the time he had with them.  His work schedule has been so strenuous for most of their short lives.  This was really the first opportunity he had to have dad/sons time with just the two of them.
Here are the boys!  #5 and the outfield where the troublemakers go.  And John, proudly sporting his team shirt. 

John also helped with Mason's softball team.  She's 7 now.  Well, seven-and-a-half.  That shizz is important to a little girl.  She's grown about 2 inches this summer and is starting to look like a little lady.  Unbelievable.  I take as much time as I can to be with her.  Soon, my mere existence will embarrass her.  I'm running out of time!
Mason had her first taste of Mexican food and loved it.  Here we are at the restaurant...our typical serious selves. 
The boys had their 5th birthday.  I know, I know.  Time flies.  They were babies just yesterday, I think.  The party was at the bowling alley.  Neither one of them could behave and we had to take them home early from their own party.  It was a rough day for the twins.
Birthday buddies just prior to their epic tantrum. 

We went to the Akron Zoo.  It's a favorite for the children and something they love doing.  We packed a picnic, drove about an hour, and spent some time visiting the animals.  (I think the kids really just like going to the gift shop on the way out.)
My love bugs.  Get it???  

Earlier this month, we went to the West Lafayette Homecoming Festival.  It was small, but nice.  And there was cotton candy.  Doesn't get any better than cotton candy. 
Mason and Jacob loved this.  Jonah did not.  He feigned illness to avoid going a second time.  (Which was fine because this stupid slide cost me $9 per ride. Seriously $3 per person?  Ridiculous!)

Last weekend, we joined many other members of the Canton Mothers of Multiples for a summer outing at a water park.  Sorry, no pics.  I can't believe I didn't take any pics!  But I did get an awesome sunburn...while wearing SPF 70.  (Yes, I'm that white.)

And throughout the summer, I have continued to enjoy my new relationship with TJ.  He's just awesome.  On two occasions, I have been so stressed I've shut down.  He handles me well.  No judgment.  No advice.  Just a simple, "April, how can I help you?"  I need that.  (No pics here, either.  He doesn't seem to like when I share them.) 

So, as I end this, I'm reflecting on how busy I've been this summer.  There has been a lot fun and a lot of trials.  I've juggled work, volunteering, a parenting plan, and classes AND SURVIVED! I've been tested and endured more than I thought I could. I have persevered when others would have been defeated.  But not me.  All I do is win.