Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I've Got Headaches and Bad Luck

I've been having a lot of headaches lately.  Sometimes, the pain is so intense I can't even open my eyes.  It's caused me a lot of concern because I'm not one to get headaches.  I've blamed it on the weather and my constantly clogged sinuses, but really, I was beginning to worry about other causes.

Then I read this.  Basically the article states there is a link between sleeping with your phone under your pillow and headaches.

"Do not Keep the phone under your pillow: It is a dangerous practice to keep your cellphone tucked under your pillow while sleeping. The waves emanating from mobile phones can cause severe headache and can lead to other disorders in the long run."

I am an idiot. I have been sleeping with my cell phone under my pillow since September.  As a substitute teacher, my income depends on being available to answer the phone when a desperate principal calls.  Sometimes those calls are at 5am.  I can sleep through anything, so I've been keeping the phone close in hopes that I will hear it.  

I can't believe I've done this without thinking how dangerous it could be!  I never carry my cell phone in my bra.  Never.  It's incredibly dangerous and could cause breast cancer.  As much as I complain about their overly-ample size, I'm not sacrificing my girls for phone storage.  (And it's "People of Walmart" trashy.) 

I stopped sleeping with my cell under my pillow 5 nights ago.  I haven't had a headache since.  Coincidence?  I'd like to think not.  Check out this neat-o evolution of the cell phone pic.  

We should go back to that giant, white Motorola "Zach Morris" cellphone.  No one could sleep with that under their pillow or store it inside the bra.  

***Post title lyrics:  All of the Gin Joints in the World by Fall Out Boy.  I couldn't find a clever way of working that into the post.  I'll try harder next time.  Or maybe not. 

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