Saturday, August 9, 2014

As Real as it May Seem

Dreams.  The mind's representation of our deepest wants.  In dreams, we're given precious moments with those taken from us.  Or, we live our fantasies.  And sometimes, we have crazy, wackadoo,  off-the-wall dreams we wish we could understand.

Like this one.

The other night, I dreamed John and I were no longer together. (This could be fantasy or nightmare depending on how much he's pissed me off lately.) He wasn't even a part of the dream.  No mention of John.  Perhaps I had never met him.

I believe I was 34, as in current time.  However, I was dating a college boy.  And he was a FRESHMAN. (WTF?)  His name was Bryan and we were in love.  I moved into his dorm room so that we could spend all our time together.  Ah, true love.

Here's where it really gets weird.  Bryan was an Animagus.   He preferred to be a dog.  Most people were unaware that he was human, as they had only met him as a dog. He brought dog friends to the dorm room where I fed them raw steaks on China.  The only time he kissed me in the dream was a big, sloppy dog kiss.

What could this possibly mean?  Other than the obvious...that I'm slightly nutso. I kissed a dog. Thank God it was only in my dreams. 

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