Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You Make the Sun Shine Brighter than Doris Day

Waking my children up and preparing them to leave the house before 7am is often difficult.  I savor days I don't have to take the twins with me to drop Mason off at school.  Today was one of those days. Except today, the boys awoke on their own and begged to come along.  It's frustrating because they do not help get themselves ready, but they scream their heads off if I leave without them.  So, I dressed them and away we went.

I usually sing while getting ready.  It makes me less grumpy when I'm struggling to get out the door.  Or I yell.  That relieves stress too, it's just not as easy to admit.  But here it is, for the world to read. "APRIL YELLS AT HER KIDS."  It's true.  I confess.  This morning was a rough one.

It was Wacky Wednesday at Mason's school.  All week, students were permitted to pay 25 cents per day to dress according to daily themes.  It's part of the school's fundraising efforts for the United Way.  Mason enjoyed wearing a hat and sunglasses on Monday and camo yesterday.  But today, it's Wacky Wednesday, which is an invitation to get as crazy, silly, and weird as Mason tends to be.  Basically, she gets to dress for school in the wild outfits she assembles for herself at home.  It's a big deal to her.  And she looks awesome. Or perhaps ridiculous.  But you're shooting for ridiculous on Wacky Wednesday.

Speaking of ridiculous, do you remember this?  Maybe the '80s were just one big Wacky Wednesday.  When George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley run into their shorty shorts, I just die. It's hard to believe this is the same band that gave us "Careless Whisper" or that George Michael ditched those shorts (and his bandmate) to become a walking representation of sex.  What were we thinking in the '80s?

Where were we?  Oh yes, my children.  If I take a pic of Mason, the boys get bent.  They demand equal exposure.  Here's what they looked like this morning.


Aren't they cute?  They're funny in the morning.  Oh, and this was our sunset last night!  Spectacular.

So, did you have a Wacky Wednesday?

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